Roswitha P. Houghton

Roswitha Perkuhn Houghton holds an MfA in Writing from Vermont College, A BA from George Mason University, studied art at Old Dominion University and the Corcoran, and trained as a RN at the Mercer Hospital School of Nursing. She has been a nurse, an economist, a muralist, an illustrator and a writer. “I feel experience is a wonderful teacher, a weaver of the stories to come.”

Born on an island off the coast of Germany shortly after WWII, her parents emigrated with her and her brother to a farm in America under a program wherein they agreed to work for seven years and then be given the option of an acre of land or its monetary equivalent. “Those early years on the dairy farm gave me a chance to splash in creeks, wander fields of wheat and touch a bit of the sky within me. I was a slow reader, finding it hard to put aside the German in favor of English, but I loved books and my parents wanted us to be American, and so we were, with the mixture of backgrounds and dreams so many have found in this land.”

She married a naval officer and traveled the world with him and their daughter. She now resides in Annapolis, Maryland and writes full time.